Average house sizes based on number of bedrooms are used when we quote over the phone or email. Crest Pest Control reserve the right the amend quotation based on the size of the property upon inspection or survey or should the customer’s requirements change.

In high levels of infestation where our standard service may not be the most appropriate treatment we will advise and recommend the best service and the cost of doing this. As a customer you are within your right to decline an upgraded service but you will be charged should you choose to cancel the agreed service arrangement.


Most of our phone calls are recorded for best practice. We reserve the right to use information in these calls to resolve any problems. At the time a booking is made this is a contract between Crest Pest Control and the customer. The recording acts as proof of this contract and our terms and conditions are in place at this time.


The customer must give Crest Pest Control access at the time and date agreed and prepare the property as described when booking the service. (A copy of preparation should be emailed). If keys are provided they must open and close all locks without any special efforts or skills. Failure to give us access may result in a cancellation/ reschedule fee being applicable.

Crest Pest Control staff cannot be held responsible for triggering any alarm systems. The customer must provide adequate information on disabling and resetting alarms and locks on the premises.
Customers are required to aid the technician in finding parking if necessary. Permits must be provided to the visiting representative if applicable, all parking costs/ toll charges will be added to the bill and borne by the customer.


Crest Pest Control accept the following types of payment-

1. Credit/ debit card
Technicians often hold mobile PDQ card machines and will be able to accept payment directly from customers at the time of the job, alternatively the technician can call payment through to the office.
2. Cheque payments
Cheques should be made out to “Crest Pest Control” and given directly to the visiting technician/ representative.
3. Invoice- bank transfer/ cheque in the post

On successful creation of account with Crest Pest Control we offer payment terms of 7 days to commercial customers.


Making an appointment over the phone or by email is a binding contract between the customer and Crest Pest Control, in order to cancel you must do so by either email or over the phone with more than 24 hours’ notice. Last minute phone calls or emails will not be accepted and cancellation fee of the full amount of the job will apply.

If we arrive and you do not require our services, this includes if the problem is not a pest or it has been wrongly identified, we reserve the right to make a call out charge.

We understand that at last minute things can change and you may not be able to make the appointment, so we are happy to wave the cancellation charge providing the job is re-booked within 7 days (please note: this does not apply for free of charge follow-up visits. You will be charged cancellation for follow-up visits if we are notified of cancellation later than 24 hours before the booking).

These terms and conditions are binding and Crest Pest Control will invoice cancellation fees if necessary. Failure to pay cancellation fees within 7 days will mean the debt will be passed to our debt recovery specialists, in this case, the third party recovery agents exercise the right to also recover their costs which will increase the charge significantly.