Avoiding rodents in your property this winter

At this time of year, as the nights draw in and it begins to get cooler, it’s not just me that look forward to getting home and having a cup of tea in the warmth. Rodents will be on the lookout for somewhere that’s warm and sheltered too, with easy access to food. Having seen first-hand how distressing it can be for homeowners to see rats and mice darting across their kitchens. So here’s a few pointers to look out for to ensure your home is proofed this winter.

1. Check for holes and gaps around your home, as mice can squeeze through a gap as small as 6mm you’re going to have to be quite vigilant. Look for gaps around pipework, cables etc. these can be filled with wire wool and expanding foam to prevent access. Gaps under doors can be proofed with bristle strips on the base of the door. Fit galvanised mesh over airbricks and vents, these continue to allow airflow but restrict access for our fury friends.

2. Keep rubbish in robust bins, rodents have a keen sense of smell and as food becomes scarce these provide the perfect place to have a feast. Make sure the lids are tightly fitting and any spillages are cleared up.

3. Keep gardens uncluttered and tidy, make sure vegetation is trimmed back as this provides rodents with fewer places to hide and also offers plants and branches that can be used to climb whilst looking for entry points. Trim back any overhanging branches to keep a boundary around your home.

4. Be vigilant when feeding birds, if rodents are known to be in the area avoid using bird tables, these can be very attractive to rodents as it’s an easy food source. Make sure any spillages of food are cleaned away every day before dusk.
By following these points you can greatly reduce the risk of having unwelcomed guests this winter.

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